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Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

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I can understand there being some actual home owners buying houses, i mean they sell there house for a packet then buy another over-priced house with the proceed's, this is standard churn.

I can still understand someone thats saved through the boom saying to hell with it and jumping in, and knowing its crazy but they just need a home after 20 years of being booted from pillar to post.

I can even understand someone with no money hunting down and taking out a crazy mortgage because even though the payments are more than rent they would rather sacrifice holidays and cars and the friday pizza to have a house instead.

But what i cannot at this point understand is why anyone would be purchasing property as an investment, Most landlords talk in the past.The profits of the past, ie the 30k house they bought in 1999 now worth 120k. I can understand the giddy feeling.But what about someone starting out and decieding to become a landlord, or someone leveraging there profits made to purchase more property that property they already have will have to subsidise.This i cant understand at all.

So come out come out wherever you are and explain to us your buisness plan

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