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Fighting Talk ?.

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Looks like the worm is turning in the heads of the men who brought you

The New American Century

Never heard of it ?. Well you make the effort, its costing you more than just money.



The Bush administration kept up the pressure on Iran yesterday to abandon its nuclear ambitions with Dick Cheney, the vice-president, saying that continued defiance by Tehran would bring "meaningful consequences" from the international community

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Bush has share in Oil companies and other that produce weapons and more worrying he has shares in Taniflu

Does he want to see the price of Oil go up

Does he want to keep weapons manufacturing going at full bore.

Does he want to see the price of Tamiful make him even richer as we die.

9-11 is not another pearl harbour where the government turned a blind eye to information about the attack by Japan (read released documents) so they could go to war but much worse, Bush and his thugs had the twin towers destroyed so that they could make a grab for the oil.

I’ve got no time for being held to ransom by oil rich countries but even less time for Bush and his gang of thugs

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  • 302 Brexit, House prices and Summer 2020

    1. 1. Including the effects Brexit, where do you think average UK house prices will be relative to now in June 2020?

      • down 5% +
      • down 2.5%
      • Even
      • up 2.5%
      • up 5%

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