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gone west

Rich Dad Says: Buy Gold And Silver.

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As an investor, I'm investing against the U.S. dollar. Let me be clear: I'm not investing against the U.S. -- America is a rich, productive country. But our dollar is toast. Those who have followed my articles know that in 1971, our dollar stopped being money and became a currency, a piece of paper with ink on it (see "Why Savers Are Losers").

In my opinion, that means getting out of anything else that's "paper with ink on it" -- anything backed by the full faith and confidence of the SS U.S.A. That means I'm very suspicious of stocks, bonds, savings, and mutual funds, especially if they're U.S. dependent. Although I love real estate, I'm suspicious of any piece of property that doesn't generate cash flow today. I don't invest in future appreciation of real estate -- not today, at least.

Today, I invest in assets with tangible value, especially assets that go up in price as the dollar's purchasing power sinks. Today, I have large positions in gold, silver, and oil.

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As I've said before, this is fine for the long term but for novices like me it is quite off putting to see Gold do nothing and then drop since I bought some.....

Timing, my dear Frank, timing... :huh:

I am learning some valuable lessons about markets and TA, so can't complain too much.

Best regards


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Just cos he says its toast, doesn't stop 250million using it to exchange goods and services.

Dollar has liquidity and in trade liquidity is KING.

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