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Crimeshare Tv. We Need Your Input!

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Hi all,

This site was recommended to me earlier, so I thought I would check it out. Very impressive.

I am the editor of the website called www.crimesharetv.com. Although we are relatively new, word of mouth is spreading and we are already getting upwards of 10,000 hits every day.

The premise of the site is that we all need to get involved in the fight against crime.

What does this have to do with you, you may well ask?

Well all through the site we have articles and features. We are looking for contributors, am or pro to send us in their work/ opinions. Now the topic, obviously has to be crime, but you can cover any aspect you want within that brief. The site is friendly, down to earth and informative. You can be as conservative or as controversial as you like.

I am currently doing a focus on credit card debt, check it out on the homepage if you get a moment. I am also looking for anyone with stories concerning housing problems, rental nightmares and neighbours from hell.

Crimeshare does not pay for contribution as we firmly believe that crime info should be freely available to all. Everyone contributes their time and energies for free (even me!). However, we will give you full credits for your work and a link to your website if you have one. If you're interested, check out http://www.crimesharetv.com/contributors.htm or email me at editor@crimesharetv.com.

If you don't feel like you could write a piece, then please feel free to join in our polls and forums. Make your voice heard.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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It is in the off topic forum thats what its doing here.

I will have a look, second to the mismanagement of the economy and the subsequent stoking of house price inflation to keep the populations focus away from the real task in hand for the socialist government, primarily the destruction of a stable society and the creation of a socialist dicatorship. They also have failed us miserably on crime!!.

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