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Drawbridgers At It Again

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They fail to mention that the rise in numbers is largely down to the development of high density low quality cramped rubbish.

As for Brownfield sites, don't worry there will be plenty more of that coming up in the future when the rest of industry heads east.


Rural group urges caution as house-building booms


Rural group urges caution as house-building booms

(Filed: 06/03/2006)

House-building is enjoying a major boom - with 160,000 new homes in England last year, according to countryside campaigners.

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It comes from a press release posted on their site on the weekend :- HOUSEBUILDING IS BOOMING, SO DON'T FIX IT IF IT AIN'T BROKE

It's all in capitals so it must be true, oh well, doesn't look like there's a problem, I suppose we should all just pack up and go "home". We can pack 10 HPC'ers into each Barratt Box and live happily ever after, we can have fun watching cats dodge six lanes of traffic from the 'balcony' (a window with bars) of our paper-mache 'apartments'. We can take in noxious gases from the neighbouring power plant, incinerator, sewage farm and oil refinery... what wonderful 'brownfield' developments we can now enjoy, we can also plant flowers in our 10 square feet of shared garden once the contamination has subsided in 20 years.

The CPRE are saying things are JUST FINE, what... no greenbelt under imminent threat? No evil IKEA box full of foreign ideas about to disfigure a motorway junction? No crotchety rambler sent packing? Hrm, the CPRE have gotten all weird and say things are just fine and working well for them and don't frickin change anything, this is perfect! Maybe they're worried about trying to defend their untenable position now people have seen through their blatant lies?

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the outermost parts of our cities are 1930s houses as greenbelts were imposed after the War...yet away from the cities large swathes of greenfield sites were built on in the 50s, 60s and 70s.......and IMO justifiably so...... yet since then zilch!

In my town even on the posh South side there are a lot of homes built on greenfield sites in the 30 years after the Second World War.....and now the nimbys who live in them have pulled up the drawbridge..........

If 90% of our country is undeveloped would it really hurt to cut this to 85%?

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