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Below is the office of the deputy prime-minister data for housebuildings completed in England (quarterly, seasonally adjusted). Q4 2005 volume of 51795 is markedly higher than anything since 1992.

Q2 1992 34682

Q3 1992 35999

Q4 1992 34424

Q1 1993 37514

Q2 1993 36387

Q3 1993 35700

Q4 1993 38159

Q1 1994 37503

Q2 1994 37240

Q3 1994 39875

Q4 1994 39732

Q1 1995 41302

Q2 1995 40791

Q3 1995 37619

Q4 1995 37486

Q1 1996 39021

Q2 1996 35474

Q3 1996 36752

Q4 1996 37670

Q1 1997 36497

Q2 1997 38506

Q3 1997 36775

Q4 1997 37552

Q1 1998 36724

Q2 1998 36067

Q3 1998 34488

Q4 1998 34189

Q1 1999 33909

Q2 1999 33902

Q3 1999 36492

Q4 1999 35767

Q1 2000 35180

Q2 2000 34678

Q3 2000 32374

Q4 2000 32971

Q1 2001 33142

Q2 2001 31194

Q3 2001 32493

Q4 2001 32476

Q1 2002 33880

Q2 2002 33709

Q3 2002 33001

Q4 2002 35854

Q1 2003 35303

Q2 2003 34722

Q3 2003 34382

Q4 2003 38774

Q1 2004 35477

Q2 2004 38136

Q3 2004 39864

Q4 2004 38954

Q1 2005 37617

Q2 2005 39698

Q3 2005 37492

Q4 2005 51795

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ties up with info from somone i know in construction, there is alot of building going on. If it continues thats 621,540 new properties a year, shame we dont have stats that go further back, i wonder what happened in 89/90...

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This is exactly what I would expect to see. In places like Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle the market is at least two years behind London and South East.

Where I live I have noticed a pick-up in the general market recently. But new build is different. Round here old bungalows come on the market regularly and get knocked down and replaced with 1 or 2 4/5 bed houses. Normally this goes on pretty much continuously. I can't think of any at the moment.

Likewise new build flats. They were putting them up like there was no tomorrow until quite recently. But, the market stalled and the ones finished in the last couple of years have taken a very long time to sell. Now, there is one block near me (of about 5 that have gone up in last 18 months or so) which was recently finished and they are now for sale. Other than that - nothing. Very little new build activity at the moment. So, presumably, we'll have a shortage in a while and prices will go up.

I think this thing needs a trigger - it will be higher IRs and it will be as a result of a big, global financial event.

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I think it shows a very clear message from the Governement.

We tax business to get money in but unfortunately they outsource all of the jobs because Britain is too expensive. This means a drop in jobs and therefore a loss of NI/TAX and EMPLOYERS TAX.

So whats the second biggest thing we make money from???

Thats right housing and land taxes.

Lets get real - If housing stops then this country is well and truly f00ked.

If housing continues to grow we get all the investers buying up all the stock and the whole country becomes renters.


fas┬Ěcism Audio pronunciation of "fascism" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (fshzm)


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1. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

2. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.

2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

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