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Vacancy...leader And Spokesperson Wanted

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There could possibly be a huge property crash in the next few years, or maybe not.

This Country is now split on will there or won't there.

I personally think that we have some issues in the UK that need sorting, the number one being excessive debt, but for as long as the man on the street cannot see it as a problem, the madness just continues.

There is now a very sizable group of ordinary people now that have a very strong case on where the UK economy is heading, and property along with it.

This site for example gets ridiculed sometimes in the media , but the analysis by some is at times outstanding. i am certain that many journalists have visited this site, and have even stolen bits ofF here and used in their own articles.

But someone tell me this, we now have an economy that is swimming in DEBT, we have property valued at crazy levels(according to many), yet we have not one person in the media that is addressing our concerns.

Maybe some just do not agree with what is said on the site(and all the others), fair enough, but i have no doubts that there are some big names out there(and most of them economists) who side with what is said on housepricecrash.

We need someone with some ******, someone who can articulate what a sizable group of people are now very concerned about in the UK, THERE MUST BE SOME NAME OUT THERE THAT WILL READ THIS WHO HAS THE GUTS TO BE OUR SPOKESMAN.

I have my doubts about a property crash, but i still think the odds are favoured on a crash, if we do get the mother of all property crashes it will be such a wasted oportunity for someone who will go down as the one that predicted the Great property Crash in the noughtys.


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My choice would be someone like Matthew Paris, articulate, intelligent, i believe he has honest social conscience and is honest, and is high profile.


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This site for example gets ridiculed sometimes in the media...

And every time it does, someone new finds their way to these pages. There is no such thing as bad publicity!

I wonder how many people have been saved from making a big mistake by browsing the forum.

Jeez...I now know more about the international monetary system than I ever wanted to know, all thanks to you guys.

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Not my vote, but wouldn't be surprised in the near future if Gordon Clown starts telling us all what a mess we've made of his brilliantly run economy. Everything would have been fine if we hadn't gone on spending sprees the likes that have never been seen before.... :ph34r:

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