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Petrol Extracted From Cow Dung ....

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I'd like to know what their definition of 'petrol' is.

Petrol or motor spirit is a blend of complicated reformed hydrocarbons.

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Saw this done on Topgear - methane was extracted from cow dung, compressed into a tank and used to fuel a car. Worked pretty well but they concluded it'd be a more expensive option than petrol (at that time).

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The hydrogen and carbon molecules are there so it ought to be possible to produce acceptable petrol. Not necessarily current standard premium petrol, but petrol good enough to run an engine nonetheless and that's better than nothing given the oil situation.

That said, the volumes of raw material available mean that it's a source of relatively limited quantities of fuel which will help a bit rather than a means of carrying on business as usual consumption in the face of declining oil supplies and rising demand from China etc.

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