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Converted Lurker

The Rat And Mouse = House! I Get It!

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who is their editor Tommy Steele :P

rat and mouse n. (rhyming sl.) house, subject of obsessive value speculation (see dinner party chatter; see also gaff), gaff meaning mistake in business concept?

Now I lived in London and never heard anyone say ratandmouse instead of saying house, what is the point of sites like this, what do they contribute to the debate, who is interested?

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Guest muttley

Whats Cockney for 'crash' then?

Pie and Mash?

Ogden Nash?

"'Ere,you gonna buy that rat and mouse then?"

"Nah,I reckon there's gonna be an Ogden"


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Genital rash. Very nasty, and you'll be too embarrassed to tell anyone if you got caught up in it. You just want it to go away, but it just gets worse and worse. If your really unlucky, it could break up your marriage.

Not for the easily offended.

p.s. not speaking from experience. :ph34r:

Pic of Gary Glitter rhyming slang next? :lol:

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