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My Landlord What A T*sser...

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Apologies in advance for the rant folks! But my landlord has p*ssed me off something chronic!

Me and my boyfriend have been rening a flat off him since last May, which is an old victorian stone house,it is in a good area but slightly cheaper than most in the area because of the dodgy decor and dotty old bat living upstairs until she had to go into a nursing home last August but anyway that's by the by...and don't get me started on the tenant who used to live in the downstairs flat whose bedroom was directly below ours, and who we could hear snoring like a warthog thru the floorboards most nights.

It also has night storage heaters. Until I moved here I had only lived in places with GCH or non at all, I never realised how bad these heaters were. In fact they are totally inadequate and also not that economical at all, even though we used them as advised, our electricity bill is really really high. I have been putting up with the extreme cold in the flat for a few months now during this cold snap, we are talking wearing gloves in the house, on the couch watching telly in a sleeping bag etc wearing 3 jumpers to bed and 2 extra thick quilts, and a hat sometimes...looking forward to going to work as it meant being warm! I could not face moving so soon again, as my health is a bit crap, so I we have been trying to put on a brave face but have been getting seriously wound up about the cold.

He came round for the rent earlier and to sign our rent book, he is old fashioned like that...

and I decided to mention the cold and large heating bills and ask for a rent reduction and provision of some sort of oil filled heaters or something. I bottled it on the rent reduction but, emmediately I mentioned that we had been very cold in the flat he got very defensive, talking about the inadequacy of the storage heaters he totally dismissed me and said that he was suprised and has installed them in most of his flats and never had any complaints, and when I mentioned that I didn't think they are economical either (based on my bills compared to my mums who lives in a very similar flat but who has central heating) he said he begged to differ that they are in fact much cheaper. He then said maybe the meter is incorrect which I stated it was not and he mumbled something about putting double glazing in the bedroom which has very large window before next winter, and he then scuttled for the front door looking very unamused with me. Incidentally I accidentally trapped his foot in the door when I shut it as well which all added to the farce...

I was fuming and wished I'd never bothered mentioning anything at all, I don't know why I thought someone who decorates their BTL flats with woodchip and cheap off cuts of carpet would give a toss or care about me being cold...grrrr...

All comments and offers of sympathy gratefully accepted... :ph34r:

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hmmmm.....must apologise but you won't get sympathy from me! Although your landlord sounds like a bit of a pillock, to put it politely, you took the place as it was. You can't really go back later and decide "actually, I'm not all that chuffed with the place, reduce my rent please".

Of course, a forward thinking landlord would consider putting GCH in anyway.

You of course have the option to move out if you aint happy! Not too sure about the health thing being an excuse.....surely a cold house is going to be worse for you than moving house?

Sorry know this sounds a bit callous, I do kinda feel sorry for you, but it ain't REALLY the landlords fault.

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hi mr shed, thanks for your response, harsh but fair? (hmmm), yes the landlord is a pillock, and yes I could move, but I have a physical dissability and it is a great upheaval for me to move something that cannot maybe be appreciated by someone who is totally able bodied. I had to move from my last place due to a noisy neighbour and so maybe rushed into renting this current place which although cheaper than most in the area takes a great chunk of our income, and frankly am sick of moving and sick of renting. I suppose my post was a general rant about renting and what prats landlords can be. I cannot wait to buy and am just biding my time until houseprices become a bit more affordable.

Beadbo ;)

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Guest Guy_Montag

I have night storage heating too, it's f'ing awful, heats up all night then pours it out during the day so that when I get back in the evening the place is cold again. Adjusting the vents seems to make no difference.

I'm afraid there's nothing I can really suggest for warming the place up, I have a fan heater I put on for five minutes before I get up, & lacking a significant other use a hot-water bottle in bed (though I might invest in an electric blanket).

I believe you can get stuff to put over your windows to make them sort of double-glazed, plastic film of some type.

To save money on electricity I use the microwave when I can, to reduce the use of the oven & hob. On that subject check if your emersion heater has a thermostat. If not, ask if your landlord will fit them (though I have no idea how much they cost). If you do, maybe you could turn it down a few degrees.

Mostly I boil a kettle for washing up, I think it's more economical (I only heat water I'm going to use) but annoying.

Switch all your bulbs to low power ones when they blow, turn your TV off (not on standby) when you go to bed or go out, same with your computer, dvd, video etc.

If you are being mega-anla, take your phone charger into work & charge your phone there, same with your iPods etc. I've taken to showering in work too, it's more comfortable than in my freezing bathroom & saves money.

I know it's not much help, but it might make a small difference.


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Are you shutting the curtains during the day? Every little helps, esp. with old single glazed windows!

What about investing in one of those bottle gas heaters? I'm not sure on safety, and know they dry the air, but a quick blast with one of those when you get in of an evening might help things.

As an aside, there's nothing wrong with a cold house. You might find yourself healthier as a result. Less bugs hanging around in the air.


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