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Its Only A Small Point But

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End Of Cheap CDs

According to many news reports we have never had it so good. Consumer goods cost pennies and all is hunky dory in the world of inflation. After all we all realise that pensioners don't worry about HPI, Travel costs (they have bus passes), Fuel (they just burn cheap imported DVD's), Council Tax (they just go to prison now where its lovely and warm, rent free and with all meals included).

However with the costs of production and export going through the roof due to commodities and energy price increasses, CPI must start to reflect the true costs at some point surely.

Retailers have to start passing costs on to the consumer before they go bankrupt and loopholes such as the link posted must make a difference - or has good old GB got more smoke and mirrors in his arsenal (read the the last sentance as you will)

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Replying to Its Only A Small Point But

Inflation – I keep hearing about this but I just don’t really see any

Apart from obviously – fuel, gas, council tax, vet bills, insurance, wages, food, anything you buy in the shops apart from CDs and tables, etc

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He said: "It's a question of whether you want a sustainable market space with local stores and knowledgeable staff that you can talk to. Consumers value that.

That must be why the iTunes Music Store has just sold its one Billionth song.

Edited by Jeff Ross

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