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Bird Flu Starting To Impact Commodity Traders

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[February 27, 2006]

Bird flu worries being felt

Chicago Tribune Feb. 27--The deadly bird flu virus is on the move, showing up in the European Union for the first time amid rising concern about an eventual outbreak in the United States.
Traders were on alert as the news poured in, said analyst Greg Grow of Archer Financial Services.
"This bird flu thing has been a dark cloud hovering over the commodity markets for four months now," he said. "Certainly it's going to continue to be out there."


France reels from poultry bans after bird flu
By Jenny Booth and Valerie Elliott
At least 20 countries have banned French poultry imports in response to the country's outbreak of bird flu, it was announced tonight.

The possibility that Bird Flu may spread will soon be factored into the world economies. It is difficult to predict what impact it will have on the VIs optimism that house prices can continue rising as the world's economies are rocked by this dreaded plague. A very serious recession may prove to be the least of our worries. :o

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