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Bbc Launches A Debt Help Line

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Have just finished watching BBC South West programme. They did a 3-4 minute artical on debt. Very bearish, spoke about 13 - 16k debts, that the average person in trouble was a married home owner etc.

All against a back drop of the word DEBT in about 4 foot high letters behind the presenter. Very, very bearish. Amazing.

I checked the website and it is being trialed in Gloucester and Yorkshire, hence to coverage on our local news. Here is the link;


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This article makes interesting reading too...


However it looks like we have read about it all before!!


RESEARCH for insurer AXA suggests 68 per cent of Mancunians are not bothered about their debts "because most people have some debt these days"

Debt is the new religion - praise be to the Banks!!

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Good stuff. Lets get them debt free again, so they can go back to there default setting of "spend".

After all, those who flee from temptation, usually leave a forwarding address.

Then, once they get the borrowing fix again, that means the banks can put there geared money elsewhere..I wonder where ;)

Search an few recent threads on the site to see where :lol:

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