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A Few Pointers For When The Bubble Bursts

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OK, at some point people are going to buy, right?

Can we have a list of things to look out for/ snags / personal experiences that our fellow HPC'ers should look out for?

(This is not intented as a shoot-the-EA thread)

Hows about things like joint tenants Vs tenants in common?

What about buying on a main road (adv/disadv)? Anyone done it?

New builds Vs older houses? Solid build Vs cold and draughty?

If people could highlight probs they've had (might be in your rented place) I think we could all add to our knowledge. Over to you......

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The neighbours!

This can have a massive effect on your quality of life. I guess it is the most important if you are forced to buy in a dodgy area, but for most ftb's in the city these are the only areas we could afford. You can get a house for 120k near where I work that would be about 250-300k about half a mile away in the nice area, however a couple of drug dens houses were operating there until recently.

If you like a place, go back at 11 or 12 at night to see what crawls out of the woodwork and have a good look at the houses in the same area.

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I purchased in 2000 and STR'd in later 2004.

Back in 2000 it was my first purchase and I was a little wet behind the ears, nothing serious but looking back should have done a lot more research. We moved from London down to Ashford in Kent, we made a few assumptions which turned out to be incorrect.

Firstly the train times were advertised as 1h 10m from ashford to London, this turned out to be closed to 1h 40m for most trains, there were the odd one which was 1h 10m but they were at times that were impractical to us. Secondly we assumed that there would be a bus running from the station to at least close to where we were living (only a mile or so from the station), the last bus left at 6:10 about 2 hours before we got back. There was a bus but it went round the houses, didn't go that close and only ran once an hour.

The house we purchased was nice and the road was in a nice area but it was flanked by 2 council estates. This wasn't a problem but it meant that when we came to sell the house it made it difficult. There was never any trouble but almost all the people viewing mentioned it.

Most of this stuff is simply because we were a little new to it all but next time I'll definately be doing a lot more detailed research, it wasn't helped by the fact we were moving to a new area, when we buy we will purchase close to where I grew up (untill 26) so I know about most of the things that were a problem first time round.

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