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Ever-so-slightly Bearish Article

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Good article... not too much new thought though but everyone else out there stating the bloody obvious might help a few more FTB's not make that rash descision which will tie them into the global recession.

- Pye

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Uber doomsday scenario- I wonder how many articles like this in the mainstream press it would take to completetly undermine sentiment?

The raw material bubble has raises the spectre of inflation as these huge price increases cannot continue to be absorbed by companies trying to compete with low cost production in China and elsewhere. Already interest rates in the United States have risen from virtually zero to almost 5% and look set to continue higher which will almost certainly bring their housing and asset markets crashing down. Every single one of us in debt is exposed to the unelected Governor of the Bank of England and his academic committee panicking at the mere mention of inflation and raising our own domestic interest rate thereby sucking huge amounts of money out of our pockets and the economy and increasing our ever growing monthly financial burden.

It is a nightmare scenario. Gordon Brown boasts that he has rid us of Boom and Bust when in actuality all he has done is made both last longer. I fear recession, with global stock markets retreating 50 %, a collapse in house prices of up to 40% or more, new car sales drying up, rampant panic-stricken interest rates rises possibly as high as 8-10%. A flood of second homes here and abroad that no one can sell, of mortgages that no one can service.

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