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Ebay As A Measure Of Btl Or Property Investment Interest?

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If you type in "property development", or "Buy to let", or "property investment", "property ladder" theres not a lot or no bidders on these things. Theres a glut of things under "sarah beeny"

The types of things available are courses for property success, DVDs, books, etc.

Can you think of any more?

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I ve also had a look at amazon - under one of the reviews of sarah beenys book - looks like theres still common sense out there:


"Reviewer: A reader from Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom

While she does make some points about buying a property (in ENGLAND - different sstem in Scotland remember!!), she does little more than articulate what should be common sense. I suppose if you knew nothing about the property system this would be a helpful starting oint, but there its applicability would end. Surely no-one would buy a property to live in based on her reccommendations alone, and certainly would not try to profit from it.

Incidentally, she is not a property developer as she asserts. A poperty developer buys land and builds on it, ie, develops. She is little more than an interior designer who has profited from property sales.

To deal with property in anything like a sensible manner takes much more than her overly optimistic, get-rich-quick ethos. I wonder how many people have lost money as a result of hearing about her successes and those on her TV show? Even those who have made money (on her show, which are presumably her most successful followers) have made relativley little. Many have given up their careers to redesign the interior of their house, and made only £10,000 or £20,000. If money was as easy to earn as this book implies, why wouldn't everyone do it? "


ok this is now becoming a amazon measure of BTL or property investment interest gauge:

heres another tickler:


Ajay Ahuja's book

"86 of 131 people found the following review helpful:

Useful for basic information, January 8, 2004

Reviewer: A reader from Essex, UK

The availability of Buy to Let mortgages has allowed many people to become private landlords. But don't expect to give up the day job if you're thinking of venturing down that path today. It is just not possible to witness the growth in capital appreciation in property as we saw 5 years ago. This is the major factor that has allowed the author to accumulate 60 properties in the space of 6 years. He has simply remortgaged his properties as they have gone up in value and with each reduction in interest rates to further finance the buying of new properties. This would be impossible to do now. However, Buy to Let may still be an attractive proposition if you have access to large amounts of capital for the purpose of deposits and have a very long term investment horizon. It may be possible to build up a small portfolio but not to the extent that was possible with the growth rates we have previously observed. With the interest rate cycle at an end, it would be not be prudent to undertake such an investment unless you had a significant cash cushion between mortgage payments and your rental income. On a traditional repayment mortgage this would not be possible, only on a more risky interest only mortgage.

The author only provides basic information, all of which is common sense. Additionally, he has wriiten a number of books related to this subject. Do you really want to be subsidising the deposit for his next house? As they say, if you can't do, teach! Well, the end of the road has arrived for Buy to Let, and this is exactly what the author is doing. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. "

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