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Sell All Gold Now! Before It's Too Late :-)

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excert from Gold Eagle

Yesterday I received a letter from the IGM Group that I thought might interest you. Here it is in its entirety:

Dear Mr. Dross:

You are the most obstinate, most stubborn small investor that we have ever encountered. My partners here at International Gold Manipulators have asked me to write this urgent letter to you. We advise you, we beg you, to sell all your gold stocks immediately. Please pretty please!

Your brokerage account is on my screen as I write this letter. You are awash in junior golds and you have not sold a single share. Mr. Dross, if I may so, you are heading for disaster.

In December we gave you a hundred point run-up in the price of gold, figuring you would take some profits. You failed to do so. You took nothing off the table. In fact, you nibbled more shares as we took the price up to $540.

So we decided to shake your tree. We took gold down from $540 to $490 in the blink of an eye. We figured you would be frightened. We figured you would be scared out of the gold market entirely. Instead, you had the colossal nerve to buy more shares on the dip.

Mr. Dross, around these parts we call a spade a spade. You are a nibbler and a dip.

In desperation, my partners and I decided to try it once more in the hope of separating you from your small stash. Yes, even though your investment is well below our radar screen, you have come to represent the extreme pig-headed, close-minded small investor that keeps us awake nights.

And so we swung the price of gold upwards, all the way to $570




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