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Dirty Pretty Things

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The movie "Dirty Pretty Things" is on BBC2 at 10pm tonight. The relevance to this board are the claims and counter-claims that immigration will help keep the prices of houses high due to demand, versus counter-claims that the jobs taken by some immigrants are, in part, too low paid to support current house prices. This movie shows the lives of people more in the situation suggested by the counter-claims. I think this movie backs up Samira Makhmalbaf's claims that a fictional movie can sometimes tell the truth better than a documentary.

Billy Shears

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Supply demand = Immigrants keep wages down and take our jobs= Blair gets cheap labour for the public sector and they all love him and vote labour = Brits have been sold out and need to wake up BIG TIME

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I know a house locally rented by immigrants. Every room in the house is full of beds and there are over 20 staying in the house which is a small 3 bed semi.

It's a fiction that immigrants are going to place huge demands on housing; most are over here to save as much money as they can before returning to their homelands and they will seek to house themselves as cheaply as possible.

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Hopefully this is an interesting observation, if slightly of-topic (but it is Saturday night and the Viognier has been flowing well tonight).

My other half has been in Cumbria this week visiting her father, and took his car for a hand wash/internal valet job. In North London we would pay less than £10 for this, courtesy of hard working and well-intentioned Eastern European fellow citizens, who generally rent a corner of a Homebase carpark or similar.

In the supposed low cost North of England, the cheapest she could find was £25.

im(v)ho, immigration is not just a moral issue, but an economic one too.

After all where do you draw the lines - am I an economic migrant, having moved from Midlands suburbia to the Capital to find more challenging and better paid work?

Discuss (if you can stay up and share a virtual glass of Vignier with me..!)

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