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Throughout last year I checked this website on a daily basis and posted occasionally. My frustration about the housing situation was becoming an obsession, and I despaired that my widow's mite would ever turn into a miser's hoarde sufficient for a deposit. I'd saved a few grand, but it dawned on me that it would never be enough - even if the property market went into a spectacular nosedive overnight.

So I thought 'balls to it all' - and so here I am in Nicaragua on my way down to Tierra del Fuego, if my money lasts.

Accommodation here is about three quid a night, an evening meal with a few beers about two and I have all the time in the world to write, think and try and work out what I really want from life. I've already decided out that 'a house' is a long way down the list. Somewhere between 'a working light-sabre' and 'a talking dog'.

I'm in my early thirties and single, and was on a short-term contract living in digs. I gave my car to a mate and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico. At the time I felt really irresponsible, as though I was being naughty at the back of the class. But coming here has been the most sensible decision I've made for years. Ok, so I won't have a deposit when I get home, but I think I'd rather enjoy my memories in a rented house than look back on years of despair in a place I own (or will do after 25 years).

I understand that my course of action isn't practical (or even desirable) for everyone, but it's worth a thought if it's possible for you.

If anyone's terribly bored, or fancies a laugh at my expense, I'm recording all my various mishaps and frequent outbreaks of stupidy on a blog at http://noddage.blogspot.com . Any comments appreciated.

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Good on you noddage, your right bollacks to all this ...you must conform to that which soiciety demands, that of being indebted to the banks for the best part of your working life.

There is more to life than being in perpetual debt, debt is a control mechanism by which the money lenders in society enslave you. I've just read the last entry on your blog ........the journey to Leon, and found it very interesting and have decided to start at the beginning so I'm living the experiance through you.

All the best of luck to you mate and safe journey. That said, I've always found on my foreign travels the vast majority of people are friendly. It's only our governments that instill fear of others in us by the way they report the news, because fear like debt is just another control mechanism.

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