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The Triple Whammy Of Higher Intrest Rates

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brace yourself's my fellow disbelievers in the great housing boom.As we have now waved the flag at the top in a hard and bitter journey, its time to slide to the bottom.

Everything has been against our perception of value, weve been shaking our heads believing the rest of the world must be on great money while we felt left behind.As you watched your friends talking of buying 250k flats on a wage your sure is no better than yours.

The triple whammy is about to begin

Higher intrest rates is a practical definite and when it does happen within the next few months all of a sudden you will be amazed at your changing fortune.

1. your saved money in the bank with get higher intrest

2.house prices will fall

3.you will keep a good credit rating ready to pounce.

The whole game of wealth in the uk, will turn into your favour overnight, you will be that rare breed that dont have debts and mortgages destroying your life.

There are much more people a part of the bubble than there are in this country like us that are sitting in the wings, so expect to see much more stories of misery, while they never gave a shit about your woes.

All of a sudden keeping the head above water is gonna be the new fashion, and the panorama stories will begin again of how people are living on beans on toast in there negative equity houses, just as it happened the last time.

your purchasing power will double overnight as cash becomes king, So please anyone even considering in the slightest about buying hold tight, if you purchase now then not only will you have gone through the distress of watching as you missed the boat but you will then go through the distress of jumping on too late, your life will be one long misery.youve done the porridge the release date is near so dont do anything silly like buying.

All i ask people that are still not completely sure and thing they should jump on the housing wagon to financial oblivion is this.TO DO JUST THIS ONE THING.


thats all just wait for one, its not that hard, just one move i ask you to wait.your future is surely worth that.

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