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Iran Says Ready To Compromise On Nuclear Issue ...

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I don't think the Americans will agree. America needs that instability in the middle east as that is how it spreads its version of 'empire'. I think having Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran might just be too much to chew for Bush. I reckon behind the scenes the Israelis are preparing to do the dirty work.

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That would be good news, at least if you're not buying oil stocks :). Hopefully Bush will be too busy with the civil war in Iraq to do anything stupid if Iran finds a compromise on the Russian deal.

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Erm... and loads of people might not die in a war. Or did I miss the joke (it is early...)

There never was going to be a war, IMHO. At least not in the medium term.

But there was a risk that Iran might cut oil production resulting in a near doubling of oil prices.

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