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Suggestion For Btl Landlords

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As the knowledgeable Realist Bear just pointed out, interest only mortgages are effectively renting from the bank, with the chance of a cashback when you finally downsize at the end of your life

Now, BTL landlords are already under immense pressure, and the first cracks are spreading rapidly, so quite frankly, they probably don't need yet more competition in the form of banks becoming defacto landlords with the added bonuses of 1: a cashback 2: the tenant finds the flat 3: the tenant maintains the flat 4: the tenant gets much longer security of tenure 5: no need to comply with Govt landlord regs.

What's a poor parasitical kiwi to do in situations like this?

Easy. All BLT landlords must now tell prospective tenants that a 'percentage of their rent' will be 'invested' for them, and in 25 years time, the landlord will seek them out and hand over the readies.

It's the only solution

:-) :-) :-)

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