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Poll, Rightmove Are They Telling It How It Is..

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Guest STR2004

Don't you need another option that says the third house (at 290K) is obviously overpriced? In your scenario this would obviously be the case.

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Or a fourth option - "the last house like this sold at ... on dd/mm/yy we do not have sufficient information to estimate the current value."

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I have asked on another board whether the average rightmove prices include those properties priced at £999,999,999 or similar. So far no answer.

Billy Shears

I shall answer yee question:

On previous righmove reports it had this declaration at the bottom:

"To calculate average asking prices for a given week or month, Rightmove.co.uk takes the

initial asking price for all new instructions on the site during the period, but excluding

any properties that are atypical*.

* in practice this means unusually expensive properties that are likely to distort the data

In the latest report it does not have this declaration. This declaraion was last seen on the September release.

I asked rightmove if they have changed their methodoloy and was told "no". But they never explained why the comment was removed.

It does make you wonder why they removed the comment if nothing has change?!?! Raises unnesessary suspicion me thinks!

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The second is a loaded question.

Who voted that the BBC should simply be mouthpieces.....surely taking the contrary view is just meant to antagonise.

Well I'm a contrarian I think.

It's not biased to report what rightmove say. Bias is NOT reporting what bears say along side it.

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