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Uk - Slumlord Capital Of Europe?

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I thought I'd put all the landlordery shenanigans into one place.


Landlord under investigation


18 February 2006 10:06

A landlord who is facing action for renting out substandard properties to foreign workers is set to have his entire property empire of nearly 50 homes investigated.

Norwich City Council's housing boss Hereward Cooke announced he likelihood of a wide-ranging probe into homes owned by Morteza Saffar after it emerged he had illegally converted six homes into flats without planning permission.

It has left a dozen families, who pay an average of £500 a month to Mr Saffar, facing eviction from the flats which housing inspectors said were badly converted, without proper fire precautions or insulation.

The prospect of a full investigation into 50-year-old Mr Saffar's 47-home property empire emerged after yesterday's Evening News report into problems with his rented flats in the Catton Grove, Lakenham and Thorpe Hamlet areas of the city.




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10:30 - 16 February 2006

A Lichfield landlord has been jailed for two years at Stafford Crown Court after being convicted of a major tax fraud.

He was also ordered to pay £3.36 million in a confiscation order for income tax including interest due, together with costs of £25,000 awarded to HM Revenue & Customs. Denis Paul Kearns, 61, married with three children, of Gorse Lane, Lichfield, was found guilty of defrauding the tax system over many years, and deliberately concealing offshore funds.

He pleaded guilty to ten charges of tax evasion.



Angry landlord rips up council warning

ROGUE landlord Christopher Mincham has once again shown his contempt for the authorities by tearing down a notice about his properties being boarded up.

Within an hour of council chiefs putting up the notice at Norfolk Crescent in Hayling Island, tenants spotted Mincham angrily ripping it off the front door.

Shocked residents watched as the disgraced former councillor walked off with Havant council's official notice giving him 21 days to appeal against the closure order.

And tenants today claimed they were glad they were being rehomed as they did not feel safe in the flats and had constantly been let down by Mincham.


Private landlord ignored warnings

Friday, February 10 2006

HMO landlord Abraham Haut has paid a steep price for ignoring warnings from Haringey Council.

Despite three earlier prosecutions for failing to supply information about an HMO he owns in Lordship Lane, Wood Green, he continued to ignore the requirements of Section 352 and 372 notices served over conditions at the property.



Landlord forces families to move

ANGRY Dalton Drive residents Nichola Vasey with children Harry, three, George, nine months, and Jack, Maria Howe, Cheryl Hilton, Gareth Taylor and Suzanne Barton.NEARLY 30 families on a Swinton estate are facing homelessness after their landlord auctioned their homes.

Residents on Dalton Drive were shocked to receive notice through the post that their rented houses were up for sale to the highest bidder, and now the families – many with young children – face a hunt for somewhere new to live.



Immigrants' landlord sent to jail

Nevin provided accomodation for the immigrants

A man who provided accommodation for 25 illegal immigrants has been jailed for 12 months.

Michael Nevin, 36, of West End, Penwortham, Lancashire, admitted 25 charges of facilitating breaches of UK immigration law.

Liverpool Crown Court was told Nevin had provided accommodation for the immigrants, who were from eastern Europe, at two properties in Southport.

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Partner of 'landlord from hell' faces court Feb 23 2006

By Roland Hughes, Daily Post

THE partner of landlord-from-hell Steven Dickens appeared in court yesterday charged with defrauding banks and building societies of almost £290,000.



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11:00 - 22 February 2006

A Landlord who crammed people into a Trowbridge home has lost his appeal against a council's decision to take action against him. West Wiltshire District Council issued a notice on Wieslaw Boguski, landlord of 12 Innox Road, after discovering that there were ten people living in the three-bedroom property, including two in a timber outbuilding

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Landlords 'cheating' students

Justin Harper, Daily Mail


GROWING number of students are struggling to get their much-needed deposits back from landlords.

At least one-fifth of all students have their deposits withheld by landlords through no fault of their own, according to a survey by the National Union of Students (NUS). With more than 2m young people in higher education, this is a significant number.

Unscrupulous landlords know they are dealing with young people who may not know enough about their legal rights to fight for their deposits. The average deposit is £477, so landlords are sitting on more than £190m and earning interest on it. Students are also likely to have been renting many miles from where they normally live so it's physically harder to go to get deposits back.

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