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Longish story so bear with me :D

Ok was watching dispatches on C4 about Bliar and the goverment tried to manage the Iraq war / terrorism news/debate.

Anyway, some guys got arrested for supposedly plotting to blow up Old Trafford football ground. Well an security service source told a BBC journo that these guys were going to be released as there was nothing against them and he didn't know why they'd been arrested. Well this journo went to her editor who basically said "Look everyone else is running with these arrests and the terrorist threat as their top story we can't report this" or word to that effect.

So my theory is that the problem with the media isn't that they don't know what's happening but that no one is prepared to break ranks and report what is really going on. You can see the Ed. saying "Look I like your story about an HPC but everyone else is saying how well house prices are doing - we can't risk having a different opinion". Media Sheeple - Shmeeple or something.

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The media have had their knuckles rapped too many times by NL.

They will report only what the evidence says they can. So if a report comes out that says 'house prices are going up' then that is what they will report and nothing else.

If they break rank they will have some t@sser from No11 running over to the studios kicking off.

BUT the media are like a pack of hounds and the minute they get the green light (a report that says prices are consistently going down) they will run with it.

The media have loads of stories in the background just waiting for the right time. They knew about Chalres Kennedy for months ...but sometimes the time is just not right.

Remember when you try and convince someone that houses are overvalued and due a correction and they just glaze over. Yes..they don't want to listen. The public don't want to listen now.

As soon as it goes t1ts up the reporters will be having a field day (and I should imagine we will be hearing a lot of stuff that has been going on behind the scenes that we don't know about yet)

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Lets say the housing market collapsed. It brings on a severe recession. Suicides, divorces, mental health problems shoot up.

The public demand an inquiry.

Knowledge might be power, but I guarantee who you know is more power. Rememember the Hutton inquiry? Blair knew from the outset what the outcome would be. Hutton was one of the establishment.

Face it Kirsty. You're going to get the blame. :lol:

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Face it Kirsty. You're going to get the blame. :lol:

Judging by the other thread exposing Krusty as the daughter of Lord Toff of Christies (or whoever...) she IS part of the establishment. I guess the future's not looking bright for Phil - then again, (former) soldiers are used to getting it in the neck as a result of Tony / Gordon / George's actions, aren't they?



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