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I'd appreciate opinion on the possibility that HIPS will not get off the ground.I've been doing some research on becoming a Home Inspector, the course is about £7000 £ 8000or so, but a couple of people have been very negative about the whole thing. Comments such as " New Labour legislation which will be scrapped as soon as the Tories regain power" " Would you trust someone with a 9 month course to inspect your home and pay him for it ?"

A couple of things on the latter. The course will eventually be recognised as a level 4 NVQ and it seems that the licensing of Inspectors will be well regulated . the Qualifying body being the ABBE ( Awarding Body of the Built Environment ) seem to be well involved.

I'm raising the topic because this course will cost me a pretty penny. If I go ahead I'll be studying full time as I'm about to be made redundant. So no income as well as the course costs.+ the fact that I have no faith in my self discipline to study 20 hours a week as well as work.

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I attended one of the RICS HIPS road show seminars in London in December. The answer to your question is that no one really knows at this time. The ODPM representative at the seemed quite adamant that the government was committed though!

It's worth noting that although the law has now been passed to make HIPS mandatory for all properties marketed from 1/6/07, there is a built-in 'get out' that allows the government to cancel this legal requirement at any time if they so decided.

you probably know, but here are some useful links anyway:



I would recommend the HIP road show if they are still doing them.

Regulatory arrangements, business setups and professional indemnity insurance are also major issues at he moment. Businesses lucky enough to get it right first time will do very well IMO.

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