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Council Tax Set To Rise At Twice Rate Of Inflation

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Add this to the recent gas price rise announcement, it's going to be interesting to see the number crunchers keep inflation down... maybe they'll start to include USB memory sticks for computers in the RPI - they're a lot cheaper nowadays and they're essential for day-to-day living. Particularly for the elderly. ;)

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Twice the rate of inflation, well, is it really, i think not, the media is reporting this, but why, they should really be reporting that council tax is rising inline with the real inflation figure. But guess what, they don't, they are perhaps idiots not to recognise the real inflation figure, or bullshitting Brown has his fingers up there arses too.

The media reporting in this country is total shit, "Geen Day", " A country run by the media", never a statement was so true, and the sheep all are so busy working two jobs just to pay the interest only mortagage, and the boring bills, they do not have the time to recognise the spin.

Nu Labour, we must now expect a lower standard of living, and not expect a real wage increment to match the real rate of inflation.

Next they will be introducing the horse and cart, to replace the automobile, we are going backwards under this miracle man Brown.

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