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What Is Going On Here, Answers On A Postcard Please

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I had this shown to me today at work.

Go to ebay and search for Nokia Mobile phones, then select show highest price first and you will find 20 quid phones for 10 grand.

So its a loony, but no no, these phones are selling to bona fide buyers with feedback and paypal accounts.

Could this be money laundering?.

I would love to know, as would the Authorities I suspect.

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I used to play an on-line computer game where buying and selling in-game money for real money was forbidden by the user agreement. That's precisely how such money used to be 'laundered' in the game: the money buyer would put up a really cheap item for sale for some insane amount of money, and the money seller would come along and buy that item off them... the people running the game couldn't complain if some 'idiot' paid the asking price.

I doubt the government will care too much about ebay money laundering so long as Brown gets his tax cut :).

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