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More Bad News For Us In Telegraph, 20-2-2006

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Shortage of sellers sends average house over £200,000, Telegraph, 20-2-2006


Mr Shipside said there were more buyers at the lower end of the market, echoing other experts who have said recently that first-time buyers are back in force. "We believe that this will lead to further sales as successful sellers move up the property ladder," he said.

"However, sellers must not get too ambitious or the recovery could run out of steam as affordability is overstretched again."

The key being "again" - so now there is a window of affordability, get in there now before you miss it! :lol::lol::lol:

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Having STRed a year ago and seen house prices stagnate in the south I now feel the 'pent up' feeling. I feel like I need to evacuate it from my a**e just like Miles Shi*face does from his mouth. Who the hell is buying up these mythical £200K houses? If any other commodity goes from 20% to 2% in a year the sane people walk away quickly. Still it made me laugh. It's all contradictory b*llocks.

I think people are forgetting how stagnant the market went after 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq. All it will take is one more 'world event' and the wheels, the engine and the steering wheel will snap off. Perhaps I need to go on an optimism course? Perhaps we all do?

When the market does fold can we expect the vested interests to tell us the way it is? Yeah right!!!

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Seems to be no let-up on the Findaproperty listings, if anything quite the reverse.

Maybe it is more to do with Rightmove's figures or the number of agencies signing up (or not as the case may be).



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