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What If The Cassandras Are Right?

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What if the Cassandras are right? Guardian, 20-2-2006

Cassandra had a curse put on her to make sure no one would believe her predictions. Two people who know how she must have felt are the economics professors Paul Krugman of Princeton and Wynne Godley of Cambridge. The two have been predicting the demise of the the US and UK economies respectively (and in Professor Godley's case, both) for years without, as yet, their predictions coming true.

The point being made (sort of) is that "doommongers" are right on paper, but with to show in reality, i.e. as yet no recession or crash.

Except that the academics referred to are talking about the wider economy and the stockmarket, and no particularly the housing market.

Interesting times, interesting times...

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err right its called globalisation ain't it ? I didn't find anything in the wealth of nations which suggested that the route to universal wealth was by flogging houses to each other for ever inflated prices. If you work hard eventually you reap what you sow. and no Gordon the public sector is not a great example of this.


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