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Smell the Fear

Article From 1997

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"Even people with steady jobs are discovering that affordable accomodation is next to impossible to obtain in many towns, either to buy or to rent. Rents are so high because house prices are so high. House prices are so high not because bricks and mortar are expensive but because the value of the land on which they sit has boomed."

"It wouldn’t be hard to sort all this out. Simple planning policy guidance, listing basic social needs, then insisting that they are met before luxury developments can be approved, would slowly deflate the speculative price of urban land. It would release a huge amount of government spending: more than enough to help homeowners getting into trouble as a result of the adjustment. We’d reap a correction dividend worth billions.

The alternative is to carry on as we are, condemned to a perpetual cycle of speculative overvaluation, social exclusion, environmental destruction and market exposure, followed by violent correction, negative equity and social instability. Our economy, as we are now discovering so painfully, is as unsafe as houses."

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Which is exactly why we got section 106. Private buyers subsidise social housing as an adjunct so the criminal class can rob surrounding houses whilst they're all out at working paying for said houses and their gloriously socially engineered neighbourhood. Call me cynical :rolleyes:

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no one was saying that the chatsworth estate was the garden of eden,

but its been a gud 'ome to me. frank gallahger.

they might not know how to work, but they do know how to have a parteh.....scattoh.....!!!

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