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Scotsman Gets Shirty About Interest Rates

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Absolute rubbish. For a start, the CPI figure didn't fall - it held at 1.9% (after the ONS got their statistics straight ;) ).

Few now believe that the CPI inflation measure bears much relation to the cost of living. Indeed, how could it when the CPI does not include housing or mortgage costs, taxes, national insurance, or council tax? It is this sharply higher increase in "real world" living costs that accounts for the downward pressure on household discretionary spending - that is, what's left over after paying, as Mervyn King, the Bank of England governor, described them, "the boring bills".

Yes, but if the cost of living is rising so fast we need interest rate hikes. Talk about cake and eat it.

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The Scotsman are hopelessly pro-property market, not surprising as I expect half their ad revenue comes estate agents and solicitors.

Note how they didn't bother to write a story about the -3.8% annual fall in Edinburgh house prices. Instead they wrote one on how prices went up by 138% over the last ten years! Doh!

There's no stopping em.

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