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The NHS too heavily reliant on foreign labour and agency staff costing the taxpayer a fortune

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I was amazed how many staff now recruited from overseas whilst we have millions ion the dole and a friend of mine a retired nurse with 40 yrs service and a nice index linked pension continues to work part time and gets paid three times the rate through an agency working weekend night shifts averaging 500 a shift so 1000 for 2 nights a week.  The agency takes 30% commission and he said thousands of NHS staff have quit and now do agency as more flexible and get 3x the same rate.  This must be costing the taxpayer billions and explains why existing NHS staff quitting and why they have to recruit from abroad.


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NHS while an excellent concept is a massive financial black hole which would consume the entire economy if it was allowed. It’s too big for anybody to get to grips with or do anything about it

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The problem lies not poor recruitment of British staff (although given the figures above this may need looking at), but in the churn rate of staff. Why do so many leave to work in the Gulf or the States? Is it just higher pay, or perhaps because they are overworked here?

As for the use of agency staff, that is a separate question, and applies to many industries. It's not always as costly as assumed - to set on permanent staff costs a lot in recruitment costs, pension contributions etc etc. For some strange reason (maybe it's an accountancy cost) many companies seem averse to making agency staff permies.

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Agency employees don’t have access to the unfunded, defined-benefits NHS pension scheme so that’s  a partial saving.

Any organisation, public or private, large or small, that doesn’t properly account for the Total Cost of Employment of each employee has a problem.  The NHS has a lot of employees.


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By policy design. HPI and degrading the NHS are the only plans I can see this crop of Tories governments have actually implemented.

Deliberate Tory doctrine and the surfacing results:



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NHS pay for doctors has fallen at least 30% since 2008 - of course there is not 30% less work. You need to pay for talent otherwise there is no NHS collapses - the exodus is starting and international medical graduates favour the US/Canada over here. No wonder many of my colleagues are ******ing off to Aus/NZ or going private. 

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