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Petition to reconsider the proposed removal of the Human Rights Act

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The proposed bill will mean that in the UK:

  • Freedom of expression will be removed, so for example saying anything negative about the government could result in legal action against you.
  • if you are disabled or chronically ill, you won’t be allowed to say no to being given a DNR in hospital
  • you won’t be allowed to bring ‘trivial’ human rights violations to court
  • public authorities (the police) won’t have to actively protect people’s human rights
  • the uk military will be allowed to basically do whatever they want overseas
  • if you are accused of a crime (rightly or wrongly), they can disregard your human rights
  • the government will not be obligated to obey human rights

if you are from the uk PLEASE sign this petition, and also to everyone else, please please please share this.

I'm sure the govt will ignore this like they have every other petition, but if it gets enough votes it will at least make them look bad in the press.

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Removing the Human Rights Act will restore things to the way they were before 1998.

Can you give me some examples of those things being legal before that?

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