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More Salary Inflation - Boe Need To Watch Carefully

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Thousands of lecturers and other academics in UK universities and higher education have voted in favour of strike action in a row over pay.

Two unions are expected to set a date for a walkout in the next few days.

They claim academic pay has fallen by 40% over the past 20 years and that employers could increase wages because of extra money from the government and from top-up fees.

A total of 64% of AUT members and 70% of Natfe members voted in favour of action.


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Good on them. They've been screwed for ages while student fees have been going up and the parastic managers and administrators have been getting much better salaries.

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A football manager once challenged on the high wage of players responded, 'Well, it's a big pot - it's just their share'.

Surely with many Unis now just run to screw ever vaster amounts of money out of young people, it's bit strange having pHd-holding staff on 17k and even senior staff on 30k. Where's the dough going?

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Academic pay is terrible. It has been neglected for years. It is not uncommon for the general admin staff in the office to be paid higher than a junior lecturer with 7 years academic training.

Bring it on.

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I was thinking about a career change and University lecturer really appealed. I'd guessed that the job would pay maybe around £50k.

When I saw ads for these roles paying £20k-ish I wondered who goes for these jobs. That's no disrespect to anyone on 20k, but the actual pay rate differs so much from what I'd imagine that job would or should pay I was startled, likewise, firefighters only wanted 30k when they were on strike - again and in this case given the risks, I'd have thought the job would pay a fair bit more than that.

Strikes seem to be kicking off in some areas now relating to pension schemes: I wonder how many we'll also have which are pay related this year.

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