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Mr Blek

Students Can't Pay Rent

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I'm with Scott C on this:

I hope he doesn't go into financial management :lol::lol::lol:

I also attend Aston University, personally in my opinion if you choose to live in a posh flat, with an en suite bathroom and kitchen in the city centre you should expect to pay a high price. You can't decide to live there and then decide actually it's too expensive, I'm living five minutes walk away from the university and my rent is 41 pounds a week. I'm sure the ten minute travel from Erdington would not add up to the thirty or forty pounds he'd save weekly. I just hope he doesn't go in to finance management!

Scott C, Birmingham

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Obviously they aren't getting enough mid semester conference bookings. Student halls have always been an expensive joke. Its just that middle class parents liked to know that their little darlings were safe on campus.

The traditional way of running them was a 40 week contract and the rest taken up by academic conferences. If the expectations of those going to academic conferences have changed to the point that anything less than a 4 star hotel is not enough, or if with the poliferation of university facilities the competition has become too fierce the the financial model for running the halls at a mega profit must change.

Everyone in the western world has become far more demanding of luxury levels than they were when these things were set up. Note Bush was entirely unimpressed by Buck Palace (rude ungrateful b'stard!) In the old days, just staying there would have been honour enough. Now heads of state demand central heating. We've all gone soft ;)

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A lot of this is probably cost-push. There is much more of this private accommodation but there hasn't been, as far as I'm aware, a vast increase in academic conferences. So the owners can't let the rooms out during the holidays, so they redraft student contracts and make them take the rooms for the whole 51 weeks rather than let them go home to their parents for the summer holidays.

Yes, people are used to this sort of standard, but that doesn't mean they demand it; this is what's supplied and it isn't a choice. I'm sure the vast majority of academics at conferences would be perfectly happy with an old-fashioned room as long as there's a decent bar. I should think only the pompous gits doing business and management would demand five-star accommodation in line with their inflated sense of importance (these are the people who educated the Enron-generation of managers, BTW).

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