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Well my parents don't really like me muttering about the housing market, and while I see major problems with the UK econom. Up here it looks like this area will be the last the reverse the HPI up trend. :(

They have kindly left out a letter from our local EA: (must be hint to get my own place :huh: )

Dear Homeowner

We had recently had a sale agreed on a property on xxxx road.

Due to the high demand we need further similar properties in Formby to offer for sale, and wondered if you had considered moving in 2006.

As I am sure you will have noticed, the housing market has improved significantly, and it could be that you may be able to achieve a hightre price for your property than you had previously expected.

If you are thinking of selling please call now for a free no obligation market appraisal on 010xx xxxxx.

salutations etc

As a FTB needing a massive price reduction to buy I'm happy to see the above... it ties in with what is happening in order parts of the UK. Thanks to HPC i now ask "why would a EA sent this out?" I know the improved sinificantly certiainly doens't appear true, however there really is a STC sale on my street by this agent.. - I thought they might be lying :lol:

Of course receiving this my parents will believe it will all the spin attached..

Other parts of the picture are building.. reduced signs, new lower prices in EA windows. The local Halifax EA, now seems to part Building society as well.

There has been a massive increase in the number of classified ads locally - something I see as another sign.

Over xmas the shops weren't very busy on the weekend I was out shopping.

Several shops (inc MVC) have closed recently, a aqua massage place in now up for sale, and the local tanning/nail shop has reduced it's opening hours and is now seems to employ only one girl. I know a few poeple who's low skill manual jobs are under threat... But then my Brother's (High street chain sports)shop is still reaching target.

Flat's seem massively over prices, and they have just put some horrid 280K flats on the market up towards Southport.. even my parents say they won't sell.

Oh and I saw my 1st house with two EA signs outside it last week...

I sure that a HPC will come, I'm sure that it's going to quite nasty generally in the UK.. but it's seems to be happening in this area in ultra slow slow motion.. :unsure:

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Formby is very nice. It's just not going to crash round your way, I'm afraid. You'll only get your crash when then shut the beach, to turn it into buy-to-lets.



I overheard two lads (say mid 20s) chatting in the sauna at the gym this evening. The first started telling his mate a list of directions to somewhere in town. Turns out it was a property he was looking at (Stockport area). He was speculating about the possibility of getting it for £80K and renting it out, and failing that, he'd do it up and "flog it".

I don't know precisely where this was, but yours truly didn't think this plan was too bright since my casual weekly perusal of Rightmove over the past 10 months hasn't shown any increases in asking prices, or even a right lot shifting. Some have sold, but some just mysteriously disappear with no noticed completion, quite a few are sticky.

I also was sceptical since this very morning my father admitted that his £180K Bacon-Tomato-and-Lettuce (under construction ready march) will make him a grand income stream of about minus £100 per month.

Anyhow. I didn't join in their conversation because, firstly, since I've had my ear pierced, I've shied away from talking to strange lads in the sauna in case they think I'm 'coming on' to them and, secondly, because I was waiting to see if....

First lad: "Of course, I could give this a miss for a bit, cos you know, in case it all crashes like."

Second lad: (Laughs) "Yeah. Probably will all go tits-up."

(Some smiles noticed from the other evesdroppers in the room at the time).

At last. It's socially acceptable! "Crash". Aha....

Go on! Say it then...


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