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Spin, Spinning Around And Around..

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Just a perception thing.

I am intrigued to see what people think.

This has to do with house prices.

Labout got my Vote once, gordon Brown swore that there would be no house price inflation.

My vote? I want it back.

so as far as I am concerned I want a time machine or Browns resignation.

the Labour party never get back to me when I ask for that.. :)

I am serious though..

bumping it back up..

go on vote people

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I voted for Blair as I kept getting it pumped into my head that the Tories had ******ed the country up.

****** that. I was better off under the tories.

I want my vote back

EDIT: I love my new avatar

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Politicians are a product of the Media. The media creates sound bites and misquotes or manipulates quotes until they are taken completely out of context. A politician that gives a Frank answer wouldn't last long.

Not a fan of Blair but look how his supposed quote about watching Jakie Milburn play was basically made up.

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Not as much as that blue tentacle thing does apparently.


Seriously though I think Brown will find that my vote has been revised downwards (because my vote has improved over previous models) and allowing for inflation (secret dilution of all our existing votes), taxed at higher voting tax rate (which is daft when really the BoE can just create votes out of thin air so why do they need my votes?), and lied about (ONS say I voted for one party when clearly the party wasn't worth voting for) means that he actually owes me 3 votes now.

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