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Sense Seems To Be Spreading!

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Found this on the TES website (Teachers). Quite interesting.

Dont know who this Kerry is but she must visit this site... good on her!

Hope the link works... not done it before!


She probably visits www.eteach.com. They have been covering this issue for ages and give out this site as a source of info for teachers wanting to buy a property. Eteach are great spokespeople for teachers and have been really sensitive to the housing/price crisis.

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Awareness generally seems to be spreading that all is not well with our nation. I think it is being masked by the fact that a large majority of this country have, and will be content to continue, to spend their evenings in front of a TV watching 'enders and BB, blissfully unaware.

The majority of people I speak to at the moment that have at least a modicum of nouse, have concerns about a lot of things, not just house prices. The state of the economy, the decline in manufacturing, the reforms in healthcare and education, increases in council tax. The crime on our streets (I live in Nottingham where the young WPC was shot yesterday and the police are everywhere), the plethora of new crimes being introduced, the Danish cartoons fiasco, Islamic extremists, further Iraq abuse allegations, sabre rattling with Iran, PNAC. The Terrorism Bill, the ID cards bill (not actually an ID card but a Stasi style database that everyone is now becoming aware of), the pointlessness of ASBOs', road congestion and charging, ANPR, pensions - the list is endless.

The country I now live in bares no resemblance to the one I was living in a decade ago. I honestly cannot see how people believe that things can just continue to sail on as normal for no other reason than the concept of it not doing so, not suiting them. Utter madness. We will be dealing with the consequence of that halfwit in no 10, and his army of failed lawyers and second-rate polytechnic politics lecturers for the next twenty years.

I actually voted for these jokers in '97, on the basis that they had a mandate to sort out our education and healthcare system, try to make things in the country a little fairer (like housing or tuition fees for instance), look at sensible solutions to our transport infrastructure, and not to screw up the economy, things of that nature.

I didn't vote for a group of people that were going to take the entire country, screw it royally in the a**e in every way, take us to war illegaly, while embarking upon the biggest program of social control ever attempted by a modern western democracy. Pseudo-marxist bloody w*****s, the lot of them.

"No, its different this time" they cry. Damn right its different this time. When this bubble pops, its going to be a lot worse than the last time - by a big margin.

Rant mode off;

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