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Calm down!

The market will eventually sort the matter out.

In the 1980s it was doing something up and selling it on for a massive profit. Now it's BTL.

One point about the view that Labour are terrifed of property price falls. Why did they do their U-turn on property SIPPs?

BTL was bought to get an easy massive loan which had nothing to do with your own income and to part subsidise the loan until you sold it a year later at 20% more then you paid for it

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UK is full of superficial snobs living off credit to buy objects to impress others and boost their low self esteem through acceptance - and that includes housing...

What a country


And that is what galls me most.

This is the predominant motive driving this credit boom: people's insatiable desire to at least have the appearance of success and wealth. Buy the car, the designer clothes, the house. Fine if you can afford to do so. But so many millions have got into crippling debt, and face financial ruin, because the government has allowed them to pursue this illusion.

Why pursue it?

Because people so want to give others the impression they are 'successful' and have 'made it'. Particularly those of their own socio-economic background. And without regulation the recent credit giveaway has allowed people to pursue it to the death.



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Buying things you don't need

With money you don't have

To impress people you don't like.

I have a book By Alain de Botton called "Status Anxiety"

A very good read... recommended.

An ancient qoute found in many inspirational books, but valid nonetheless.

Another valid quote is 'never pet a burning dog'

Kinda like never buy a depreciating asset :)

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