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Reality Check For The Bears..

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I see to much on here looking into the finer details of the Economy and the Housing Market...

all looking for factors supporting a crash. I am guilty of this as much as anyone..

I see the Bulls winding everyone up..

But I see little on here about the reality of the situation.

since 1998 House prices have trebbled in some areas.

Of course it's going to come crashing down.

What the bloody hell do you think is going to happen...?

there you go..

simple post.

Remember one important fact, house price crashes before 1989 forced massive wage push inflation and in 1989 there was significant wage inflation.

Mervin King has sworn that if wage inflation begins to happen he will raise IR's.

He has stated several times that a majot engine for the crash would be when people realised that there would be no inflation to pay of their mortgages. for the first time the economy is going to be protected ahead of the debt ridden.

It happened to a fair level in 1989-1995 and we saw significent drops in house values.

This time we are told it will not happen at all.

so the simple bit is.

Of course its going to crash ..

More complicated bit is what happens now that it is crashing..

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