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Hello all

Being someone who bought in 2010 at a good time and then sadly selling 11 years later due to divorce I have ended up renting.

I have a good amount of premium bonds from the sale and living in a beautiful area.

The house I rent is in the countryside and about £200 a month cheaper than comparable, the landlord owns all the houses on my road gifted many years ago.

Since moving in we have have completely modernised the front garden with turf where is was awful and now its nice and tidy and simple to maintain.

we have a 18 month contract and are six months in and the other houses are all 8-15 years plus so staying long term is a huge plus.

I am 40 so approaching five years away from standard mortgage years to retire at a good age.

Our system is rigged that renting is not as favourable as buying and if you buy you have more rights to benefit long term from home improvements and being property payment free in retirement.

My question is how much would you invest in decoration or making a rental your own while you are in it.

I am thinking of this year upgrading two 70’s radiators to modern ones (with permission of course) to make the bedroom more comfortable in winter and maybe adding one on the landing, i have installed a tado smart control which i can take with me when I move but radiators are a perm fixture.

upstairs in a few degrees colder than downstairs so It will make my winter comfortable.

The garden work I will get two years benefit (this summer and next summer)

What do you all consider worth spending on a rental if you planned to live in it a few years.

What’s the thoughts on renting when buying right now is not possible and planning for the future (if you don’t buy you have to pay rent forever as no mortgage that is completed)

Would you just spend more on heating turning it up or add radiators knowing your improving the landlords house?

Fellow renters what’s your thoughts?

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