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Would You Believe It - C P R E Sort Of Do Us A Favour

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Tories build on shaky ground, Times 13-02-2006

The key bit:

Everyone deserves a decent house in which to live and we undoubtedly need to build more affordable housing, including homes for rent. But Mr Osborne deludes himself if he thinks that housing demand — including demand for second homes, or demand for housing as an investment — can be met without huge environmental damage and loss of countryside. As for his aspiration to “bring the dream of home ownership within the reach of everyone”, that can only be achieved in the foreseeable future by a crash in property prices, which is unlikely to feature as Conservative Party policy.


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Indeed, the great unwashed may want to occupy 10.5% of the country instead of under 10%, those greedy ba$tards! They should count themselves lucky that they haven't been culled or spayed.

Ok, we're almost there, we've already had calls for population caps now they're demanding that whole regions of England should be sent for re-education, presumably in a camp of some sort (but not in the countryside, good God no!) :-

English regions should be "sent for retraining" after their applications for Government transport cash showed heavy biases towards road building, environmentalists have claimed.

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