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Hips - Marks Out Of Three!

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In the bizarro world of the UK housing market and inept government this just has to take the biscuit. It has to be wrong surely??????? !!!!!



Inspectors will assess the condition of a house but will not be required to provide a valuation. The condition is marked out of three, depending on whether the home requires immediate attention, some attention at a later date or no attention.

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I REALLY hope this is true!!

Err, look it takes a year to learn the following:

1) The house is knackered and is about to fall down. You know this because.....

2) The house is in OK condition but needs fixing in certain areas. You know this because.....

3) The house is fine. You know this because......

Maybe this is just indicative of the mess NuLab have made of the education system. They must be worried that inexperienced people buying property (i.e "youngsters") soon won't be able to count above 3? :blink:

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