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New Book About Trash Tv And Real Estate

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Dear friends,

I am writing a new book focusing on trash TV and real-estate bubble.

The book will be about 100 pages longs, describing media messages.

It will be freely available on the internet in HTML and PDF formats, like my other books.

In "Bulle Immobilière" book, I announced that real-estate myths would probably not disappear soon, because there is not enough time to produce new myths. I stated that, more likely, the same myths would be "reversed", like zombees come out from the dead. (sorry for my English).

The chapter is available here (in French):


I am not quite sure about the title of the new book, but it may be something like

"The zoombeefication of the bubble - How myths reverse".

After watching "How to be a property developer - part two" I wrote this thread on Bulle Immobilière :


Now, I need your king help to watch the next parts of this trash TV show.

The problem is that i am living in France.

Can anyone help me watch HTBAPD avi episodes ?

Also, if you happen to record trash TV shows about the real-estate bubble, in any country (USA, Australia, etc...), I am highly interested. I really need your help ...

Kind regards,


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Interesting to read the French point of view about this programme :)

Did you find the programme funny? I suspect a lot of UK viewers were watching it mainly as a comedy and not taking it at all seriously. It is great TV because the English enjoy watching people fail. We were screaming with laughter when the guys were thinking of buying a toilet and we were laughing at the girls most of the time. Great fun :D

HPC also loved this series because it was the first time that we'd heard a property TV presenter admitting that the market (in Liverpool) was falling. At least we were watching developers working in a tough market. They had to make money by spotting good investment opportunities and working extremely hard. The guys basically turned into builders for 6 months.

I would disagree with you on your introduction:

Au Royaume-Uni, l'achat et la revente de biens peut s'effectuer par simple contrat écrit, sans qu'il soit nécessaire de faire appel à un notaire - donc sans frais. Il est ainsi possible de racheter pour revendre immédiatement. En période spéculative, les prix montent rapidement. En période de crise, les prix peuvent plonger.

Des centaines de milliers d'Anglais ont fait de l'achat et de la revente de biens immobiliers leur seule activité professionnelle. Ces spéculateurs travaillent souvent entre amis et sont l'équivalent du day-trader en bourse.

In fact, buying and selling property is not as quick or simple as you think. Selling at auction is usually only done by those needing to sell quickly, but that will often result in a lower price.

If you sell privately or through and estate agent and your buyer needs a mortgage, completing the sale rarely happens in less than a month and 2 months would be more usual.

Buying and selling property is not like day trading, even if you do go to auction. There will always be legal costs in selling (and auctioneers fees if at auction) because contracts need to be exchanged and the deeds of the property need to be re-registered. Also, tax is usually paid on buying, unless the property is below a certain price. Eg. on properties priced between £250,000 and £500,000, 3% tax is paid. Below this level, you must pay 1% of the property's value to the government. Capital gains tax is paid on selling if the property is not your main home.

The reason the guys were considering buying a toilet is because most of their £250000 fund was tied up in the first project, so they had little free cash for project #2.

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Thank you. In fact the books deals mainly with trash TV. In France, M6 broadcasted the first trash TV show about real estate a few days ago. I really need to watch the next HTAPD episodes. If anyone can help me, thanks.

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