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Short-term Gains From Iran Conflict?

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Before the Iraq war I read that stock markets tend to go up during a conflict due to the increased economic activity. I made a few hundred pounds by buying shares just before the invasion and selling two weeks into it. What's likely to happen with any conlifct with Iran?

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true,what happens during conflict(usually),is the stocks go down preceding any event,and then bounce once action is well under way.

...I don't think it's that simple....you have to look at the type of conflict and who the subtle players are.

you would think US versus iran is a no-brainer,but given the amount of debt the US has,anything less than a walkover is going to cause them problems financially....and there are plenty of countries willing to provide indirect assistance to the arabs this time around.

the viewpoint for these sponsors is not to confront US directly but to usurp it from the shadows.

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