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What do politicians and civil servants tell themselves to make house price props morally OK with their world view?

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The economy so it seems is HPI.....the easiest way of pumping liquidity/debt into the system......keeps people working repaying debt and rents, therefore keeps GDP going...... got nothing else can always spend the property equity that is a gift to those who are free, willing and able to take on the 25 plus years debt.......we will make it worth your while......trust us.;)

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5 hours ago, Si1 said:

What do you suppose the internal dialogue is when they are lying in bed at night considering these things?

Same as every big organisation, the little guys are just doing what the boss tells them so they can keep a roof over their heads and the bosses at the top are amoral sociopaths who treat it as a great game where house price inflation is just another card to play and the prize if they win the hand is wealth+fame+power for themselves.

There was one guy who almost got to the top of UK politics recently who was perhaps not an amoral sociopath so the amoral sociopaths in politics and the media did everything they could to stop him. It worked.

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