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My local newspaper has a propery section in it.

A couple of years ago this was around 12-15 pages in size.

And now its a whopping 63 pages.

I see the same houses week after week up for sale. Some of the time with reduced price.

If this isnt an indication of the market stagnating, I dont know what is.

Basic economics, supply and demand?

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SPx has been stagnat for about 3.5 years now.

The area relies on FP, Capita, James Hay, Odstock Hos + the Army.

Land Command is leaving Wilton very soon.

Capita will plug the plug on the the old PPML site sson.

FP is hardly shining.

And Odstock will get caught up in the current NHS spending disaster - have you seen how many people work there? Unbelievable!

The funniest thing going on at the mo. is Soltice Park. This place has been available for about 1 year now.

Sites available for large corporate HQ - absolutely no, nadda, zilch interest.

You'd hvae to be a morn to open a large HQ in this area - absolute no skill base.

Look at the rental bit of the SJ. The rental market is almost non-existent in South Wilts.

There are no big companies that need to relocate staff. The young people are paid so little they stay at home or leave for B'mouth.

House prices crashes in Salisbury are painful. It took 11 years for prices to recover from the late 80s.

Salisbury is v. expensive, with v. poor paid jobs.

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I agree Salisbury has been stagnant for 3 years. About a third of the prices drop before selling.

The only problem now is that houses seem to have started sellng really quickly. Some only on for about two weeks. I 've been keeping a chart on Salisbury for a year now and this week has seen the ratio of houses sold compared to on the market getting closer and closer. Out of 100% - 47% sold and 53% on the market.

It looks like houses will become more in demand and the housing stock decreases. Prices are rising, even though some are falling but at a lot lower pace than last year (but these were over priced anyway)!

Off the topic, do you know something about Capita, as my daughter works there?

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Some houses have gone to Sold.

Of the ones I've seen go to to 'Sold' none have completed.

It's normally a case of 'Ill buy your house when someone buys mine'

In a place like Salisbury, where there is just only the odd bit of London money coming in, the chain can go on for ever.

Educated guess and some 'reading between the lines from the pub'

(apologies for the spelling on Winthur??)

PPML, bought by Winterhur who were bouugh by CSFB who decided that owning a Life Ass (Winthur) was not

'it's thing' Flogged Winthur but could not shift the PPML bit, so they flipped PPML to one of their BPO out-sourcers, Capita.

Wierd thing on this is that Salisbury has one of the biggest SIPPs companies, James Hays. Why did they not buy


Ahynoo, I guess Capita thought they could re-sell PPML when the whole SIPPs/res. property kicked off.

Res. Prop SIPPs was canned.

I'd guess all SIPPS providers geared up for A-DAY. Now its wet blanket day.

Keep an eye of the 'Solds' If you want to know the state of local housing then chat to a removal man -

they ARE busy when housing is doing good.

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One more addition to the SPx chat.

Did you count the number of job pages in the Journal this week - 3

Thats down from about 10 2 years ago.

Enuff said.

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