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It occurs to me that there might indeed be flats in the old East Berlin that are very underpriced compared to their counterparts in the old West Berlin that are in roughly equivalent locations. This would be due to build and current neighboorhood quality.

Sort of like the historical difference in London between the East End and the West End, except that in Berlin's case the cause was political and no longer exists. In the long term one would expect equalisation.

It may even be that the main value of some of these old apartment blocks is in fact the right to have multiple occupancy of the land. In that case, provided there is overall demand in Berlin, there should be a tidy few euro to be made grabbing a block or 2 with a view to eventually bulldozing the existing apartments and building new ones. There are unlikely to be many government issues in one-for-one replacement of communist era flats.

Just a thought, triggered by reading that a bunch of real financial sharks down here in Oz have recently bought a large number (many tens of thousands) of German units. I don't know exactly where, but I'm starting to wonder . . .

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