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Pablo-silver or lead?

Mewing Cannibals And Council Tax

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Any of the Uber Detail Masters on here know if the stats for new mortgage lending breakout the % borrowing actually used for property purchases (home/investment) as opposed to funding current consumer lifestyle. There’s an article about the US which claims a lot of current mewing in the States is being used to pay the household bills and therefore by definition the mortgage. This kind of ‘cannibalisation’ even for people, who think they’ve got reasonable equity in their property, is real last chance saloon stuff. If the % of new borrowing secured against property but being used for fags, booze, bookies and filling up the 4x4 is on the increase, It would show the game is really up!

Also is the council tax (many peoples biggest outgoing after the mortgage)

counted in the basket from which inflation is calculated? Because with the above inflation increases in Public sector pay (and its knock on effect on public sector pension liabilities); it’ll have a big impact on inflation and therefore IR movements.

Pablo Silver or Lead?

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When house prices stop going up the debt ridden homeowner starts to self destruct. On a macro level this is how HPI becomes HPC.

"All inflationary models contain within themselves the mechanisms of their own destruction."

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